Trevor Scott Kenyon Deuel
The Artist

Growing up Trevor was always creative and discovered that his talent extended further than drawing. He found he could paint, both oil and watercolor, and sculpt. It was hard for him to hon in on his craft at school due to the funding being so greatly reduced by way of the arts. Luckily for him he was blessed with great art teachers that pushed him outside of his comfort level. This allowed him to find a bit more confidence in his art. After high school he went on to art school for college. His desire to become an art history teacher and find ways to keep art relevant and obtainable in schools led him to University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma where he grew even more and started doing commission work for friends. You can see some of these drawings displayed proudly in our gallery. 

Along his creative journey he also created some memorable characters that we are honored to share. Mondo, Artemis, and Owl Bear Druid are three of his most notable drawings. They are so colorful and particular. 

Trevor was diagnosed in late September of 2021 with Adrenal Cortical Carcinoma. His valiant fight for his life was witnessed by those who love him. His never failing attitude was admirable. Knowing that there is no coming back from his disease Trevor drew and drew up until his very last day. He even created tattoos for members of his family. 

Trevor married the love of his life in October of 2021 and he lived his remaining days in constant pain but his forge on attitude and positivity reflected in his daily life. Having his family by his side, day in and day out, brought him such joy, allowing his positive attitude to prevail. He never waivered in his hopes of becoming cancer free and getting back to life. 

Trevor lived his way and on his own terms for 10 months. 

Trevor lost his battle with this rare, unexplored and aggressive cancer on July 5th, 2022. 

We are truly blessed that he left us with such amazing pieces of himself! Come and experience the magic of his artwork today!

Trevor is and will always be missed and loved. 


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